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Hamsa Necklaces against the evil eye

The Evil Eye

The fear of the evil eye has been ongoing since prehistoric times. It represents the fear of those destructive energies that arises from negative emotions, like jealousy hatred and envy. Desire for protection against these negative emotions is a universal impulse and for thousands of years the peoples of many ancient cultures and religions resorted to unimaginable procedures and sacred symbols to protect them and stop them becoming a target for these evil forces.

Many early cultures adopted the eye as an icon for their protection, others used Hamsa and so over time the most popular universal symbol became an eye placed in the palm of a hand. The power of the eye inserted into Hamsa combined their power and introduced the idea of obtaining a more powerful talisman by combining the power of two. Today the Hamsa with Evil Eye icon and symbol has reached its final form and found an ideal place in the world of symbols. Aesthetically it is uses as a stylish and beautiful figure for the decorative arts and intellectually, it is used for religious beliefs and is accepted as an icon / mascot or charm, which attracts goodness, luck and abundance, whilst propelling the forces of evil.


old talisman Ankh in Egypt
At almost every stages of human history, man has looked for the assistance of magic objects called talismans or amulets to  defy evil forces.

Charms with letters, numbers or abstract signs have survived  to this day. Even the modern religions with a single god have their own symbols.

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